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Heritage Donations Outweigh Previous Years

Area foodshelf donations from Heritage Bank doubled this year!

More than doubling this year’s cash and food donations, Heritage Bank staff and customers had a very successful employee-inspired food drive at all Heritage branches during the month of March.  In just a few short weeks, our twelve branches collected more than 2,500 pounds of food and over $4,500.00.  The food and cash donations collected in each branch were donated locally to the food pantries in the communities served by Heritage Bank.

As part of the annual month-long food drive, Heritage Bank registered as a team on The Biggest Giver Food Drive Challenge and and the staff pledged to donate at least $5 or 5 pounds per full time employee.  “I’m so proud of our Heritage team,” said Tom Geiger, CEO/Chairman of the Board.  “Their creativity and drive to achieve these results is amazing!”

Heritage Bank has 12 offices in Iowa and Minnesota with about 140 full time employees. Each branch was presented with the challenge of finding out how to best serve the needs of their community food bank.  To encourage participation, creative displays are constructed in the bank lobbies during March.  It’s a project that the employees really buy into. The teamwork at our branches is inspiring and the creative displays are a great way to create a buzz for the food pantries!

Heritage Bank is proud to contribute to the strength and prosperity of our communities.  For more information about Heritage Bank, click on the ‘About Us’ tab above.

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