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Phishing Attack Being Broadcast through Twitter

Shazam Debit Card holders should ignore a Twitter broadcast with #shazamdebitcard as it is a phishing attack aimed at collecting personal information.

We have been made aware of a phishing attack on SHAZAM customers being broadcast through the Twitter hashtag #shazamdebitcard. This attack has led to the creation of several fraudulent “Shazam Debit Card” Internet sites. The sites claim to be collecting information for fast-cash loans; therefore, personal information, such as a person’s Social Security number, date of birth, and driver’s license number, is being targeted.

The SHAZAM Corporate Security team has initiated the incident response procedures, and they are in the process of removing all associated URLs and disabling the #shazamdebitcard Twitter hashtag.

Cardholders should ignore any such sites and the Twitter hashtag #shazamdebitcard. If a cardholder has entered sensitive data on one of these sites, please call your bank immediately. Click on this link for our locations and contact numbers.

SHAZAM  apologizes for any inconvenience this fraudulent activity is causing, and we thank you for your assistance in helping minimize the threat posed by the phishing attack.

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