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Heritage Bank welcomes City of Lytton to share the block

Revitalizing an underutilized downtown building with new owners, new tenants 

[LYTTON, IA] – Heritage Bank welcomes the City of Lytton to share space in the building at 200 Main Street. Heritage Bank has donated the building to the City of Lytton but will remain as a tenant in the corner location with an east facing door. The City, which was in need of additional space, will be located on the west side of the building and can be entered from the south entrance.

For more than 100 years, this building has stood tall on the corner of Main Street and, for most of those years, it has been the home to a bank. “We are proud to own and operate Heritage Bank in Lytton, going on 30 years now,” Duane Pearson, Senior Vice President, said. “Having a brick-and-mortar location is important for us and the community, but today’s bank doesn’t need much space.”

In recent years, the business of banking has changed dramatically.  “While we like doing business face-to-face, the trend is for more self-service banking,” Michael Schmell, Heritage Bank Market President said. “Online and mobile banking features are expanding so people can take care of bank transactions from anywhere. Our lenders also find that going to our customer’s place of business helps to build stronger relationships.”

Heritage Bank N.A. services over $600 million of loans with clients spread throughout northwestern Iowa, the southern half of Minnesota, and eastern South Dakota.  “We have developed lifelong relationships with farmers and other residents of Sac and Calhoun Counties,” Schmell said. “We look forward to continuing our existing relationships and growing more.”

Heritage Bank offers products and services for personal, business and agricultural banking. Employee-owners Chris Pierce and Nancy Bruns have each been at the Lytton office for nearly 25 years.  For contact information and bank hours, check out Lytton’s information page.

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