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As people start heading off to vacations in different places, there are a few things everyone should remember when it comes to keeping your spending money safe on vacation.


Click “Manage your Card” (aka CardValet™ ) on our Mobile app and that provides the ability to turn your debit card off and on and actively manage your usage by defining when, where, and how your debit card is used.

Here are a few helpful hints to keep you and your money safe while on vacation:
  1. Make sure to let your bank or financial institution know when and where you are going, even if its within the states.
  2. Using your PIN is much safer than signing your signature for transactions.
  3. Carry more than one card in case of emergency, but not all in the same place. Leave one in the hotel room or somewhere safe.
  4. In crowds, keep your money/cards in a zipper pocket of your purse or bag or clutched close to your body.
  5. Make copies of the toll-free number on the back of cards in case you need to call and cancel them.


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