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ePay gets a facelift!

Upgrades to ePay online bill pay add safety features and improve the user experience.

While all the basic functionality remains, there are a few changes and additions. Please read our News for more information!

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Turn your debit card off and on

CardValetā„¢ gives our debit cardholders the ability to actively manage their debit card usage by defining when, where and how their debit card is used.

Heritage Bank debit cardholders can download the app anytime!

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New regulations bring changes to home buying process

Real estate professionals are ready for industry-wide changes

Training is key for mortgage lenders, title companies and real estate agents

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Apply Now! Start your home loan application online

The convenience of an online application with the familiarity of a Mortgage Team that you know and trust

Heritage Bank has an experienced mortgage team ready to work with you

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ATM fees draining you?

Sign up for an eCentive Account at Heritage Bank!

Get automatic refunds of ATM fees nationwide (up to $25 per month) with the eCentiveTM Account

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