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PPP Hundred Million Milestone

PPP Hundred Million Milestone
Celebrating a milestone at Heritage Bank!

Heritage Bank has successfully completed the approval process for over $100 Million in PPP loans to small businesses! James Miller, Relationship Manager and SBA Paycheck Protection Program Specialist, along with Jamie Blades, Process Coordinator, spread the news today. “It is a team effort here,” Miller said. “We have people helping from all areas of the bank. If someone has down time, we get them busy processing loan documents.”

$100 Million in Paycheck Protection Program loans translates into about 11,200 people whose paychecks were protected. “Saving the jobs of people who work for these small businesses is where the program really shines,” Dave Brown, Market President, shared. “These are our neighbors and friends – people who may have been out of work without this program.”

If you have not yet applied, we encourage you to get started today! The application and forgiveness processes are easy, and our team of Commercial Banking professionals is here to help you every step of the way!  “Individuals who are self-employed or are contract and gig workers might not realize that they may qualify,” Ross Magnuson, Market President, shared.  “I invite them and all small businesses with less than 500 employees to apply!”

While Congress committed $284 Billion to the current round of PPP loans, nearly half of those funds have been used, with about a month to go before the program ends.


Check out our newspaper article from the First Round of PPP:


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