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eCentive® Account


Meet these 3 easy qualifications:

  1. Total monthly debit card purchases posted to your account equaling a minimum of $500*
    2. Have at least one direct deposit or automatic payment (ACH) each month
    3. Receive monthly eStatements**

Earn these monthly incentives:

      • Earn our highest yielding checking interest rate on balances up to $25,000.00
      • For Balances of $25,000.01 and greater, you are also eligible for a high-interest rate
      • Free account includes no monthly service charge
      • Automatic refunds up to $25 per month 
        (Refunds for domestic ATM fees charged by other ATM owners and MasterCard cross border/currency conversion fees for debit card foreign transactions)

Even if you don’t qualify monthly, it’s still an interest-bearing checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly service charge!

Account Features

Additional Features and Requirements

  • Overdrafts & NSF: $33 per item
  • Debit card includedeCentive Logo
  • $30 fee if the account is closed within 6 months of opening
  • Transfer money electronically to or from your account…anytime, online
  • Primary account-holders (based on social security numbers) are limited to two (2) eCentive® Accounts at Heritage Bank NA


*Please note that ATM transactions do not count toward the debit card purchase requirement.

**When the eCentive® Account qualifications are met, balances up to $25,000 will earn that qualification rate for the entire statement cycle. Balances of $25,000.01 and above will receive that qualification rate for the entire month. If applicable, sales tax will be applied to service charges for accounts opened in Iowa.

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