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CD Special – Increased Rates

CD Special – Increased Rates

Lock in with our 6 month CD special!

2.21% APY

on minimum deposits of $10,000
(Annual Percentage Yield of 2.21%, interest rate of 2.20%)

2.31% APY

on minimum deposits of $100,000
(Annual Percentage Yield of 2.31%, interest rate of 2.30%)


-Rate effective 8/29/18

-CDs will automatically renew for 6 months

-Interest will compound at maturity or could be credited to another deposit account.

-Available to consumers and non-consumers

-Not available for public funds or brokered funds

-Available for a limited time.

-Fees may reduce earnings.

-Early withdrawal penalties may apply.

Check out our rates!

Learn more about our Triple Option CDs! 

Contact us to open a Triple Option CD:

Phone: 800-344-7048

Fax: 320-214-5571

Email: hbonlineservices@heritagebankna.com

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