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Debit Cards

Our debit cards offer an easy, convenient way to use and manage your hard-earned money.

Debit Card Options


Use your debit card at an
ATM or present it to any of
the merchants worldwide
that accept MasterCard.


Manage your debit card from anywhere you have internet or
your smartphone with Digital Banking.


Detailed descriptions of every transaction appears on your monthly statements.


    • Hybrid ATMs – Can be used for typical ATM transactions 24 hours a day.  Live video interaction with our customer service team is available at the touch of a button for cashing checks, depositing cash and/or checks, getting cash and more!
    • Digital Banking – View account transactions, transfer money between accounts, receive text or e-mail account alerts, make loan or bill payments, and even send money to friends.
    • Alerts – Cardholders have the ability to actively manage debit card usage by defining when, where and how their debit card is used.
    • Name Your Cards – You can give each of your debit cards a unique name to help with organization (for example: His, Hers, Ours)
    • Pin Change – You can change your debit card PIN.
    • Travel Plans – You can enter their travel plans, including stops along the way, if applicable.
    • Spending Limit Increase – You can increase your own debit card limit for a specific period of time.  The spending limit will automatically be reset to the normal limit after a pre-established amount of time.
    • Turn Card On/Off- Scheduled – You can preset your cards to be automatically turned off and on for specific days and times.
    • Turn Card On/Off – Quick –  You can quickly turn your cards off and on if you have misplaced your card or accidently left it behind at a store.


When traveling, it’s suggested to use your PIN instead of a signature when using your debit card.

Pre-planning for your vacations should include your personal finances. Learn more about what you should consider before you leave for your next trip!

For lost or stolen debit cards, call 1-800-245-4105.


$10 to replace lost/damaged card

No Charge to change PIN on existing card (Pin can be changed Digital Banking)

First two cards free per account; each additional card $10
(except Health Savings Account: one free card; each add’l card $10)