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Cheers to the future of agriculture!

February 20-27, 2016 is National FFA Week.

Heritage Bank is a proud supporter of ag education, the future farmers and the advisers who give of their time to guide and teach!

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Potential changes to “Actively Engaged” rules

Potential  changes  to  “Actively Engaged”  rules

Heritage Bank proudly presents Focus on Ag, a column submitted by a Professional Farm Management Analyst

As part of the 2014 Farm Bill, USDA was designated to review and revise the “actively engaged” in farming rules that are used to determine individuals that are eligible to receive government farm program payments. The current “actively engaged” requirements have been in place for nearly three decades. In late March, USDA announced some proposed revisions to the “actively engaged” rules that are designed to further clarify some of the definitions …

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