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About Us

At Heritage Bank, we’re not all “About Us.” We’re about you… our customers, our communities, and our employees.

Heritage Bank’s mission is to help people succeed financially.  Specifically, that means:

  • Helping our customers meet their goals and achieve their dreams
  • Supporting our communities and helping them thrive
  • Providing a gainful and enjoyable workplace for our employee owners
  • Providing a sound and profitable return for our investors.

Through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Heritage Bank is able to reinvest in the employees and support the local communities we serve.

Our products and technology have evolved along with the markets we serve as we have grown steadily over the generations. Yet, we maintain the traditional values from our roots as a Midwestern community-focused bank… it’s our heritage.”



Tom Geiger, CEO of Heritage Bank

Tom Geiger


Dave Brown Sioux City market president

David Brown

Market President

Kelly Pickle, Bank Operations Officer for Heritage Bank

Kelly Pickle

Bank Operations Officer

CCO/CBO Robert/Bob Mathiasen

Robert Mathiasen


Ross Magnuson, Minnesota Market President

Ross Magnuson

Market President

Paul Thronson, Senior IT Director

Paul Thronson

IT Services Director

Joyce Middendorf, Mortgage Division Director

Joyce Middendorf

Mortgage Division Director

Heritage Bank's HR Director Justin Rey

Justin Rey

Human Resources Director

Heritage Bank

Russ Weeks

Senior Credit Officer


Wayne Nelson Heritage Bancshares
Wayne Nelson

Randy J Wilkinson
Randy J Wilkinson

Don Spilseth

Gary Geiger
Gary Geiger

Steven Nedrelow
Steven Nedrelow

Rollie Boll
Rollie Boll

Tom Geiger, Chairman
Tom Geiger, Chairman

Our Holding Company

Heritage Bancshares Group is a bank holding company with operations in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota. We offer full service banking, insurance, investments, and online mortgage processing from locations in west central Minnesota, northwest Iowa, and eastern South Dakota.

As a closely-held, community financial organization, we exist to serve the needs of our customers, communities, employees, and investors. We are committed to the ideal of traditional community banking and have earned a reputation for exceeding expectations based on a consistent record of growth, performance, and trust.