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MasterCard Debit Cards To Replace Visa Debit Cards at Heritage Bank

We are excited for the opportunity to provide our customers with a brand new MasterCard debit card to replace their Visa debit card.  While the basic usability of the debit cards won’t change, our new MasterCard program will provide our customers with a progressive approach to debit card use.

When the new MasterCard debit card arrives, it can be activated at any time, but it can’t be used until Monday, July 21. REMEMBER TO NOT CUT UP any current Visa debit cards until July 21, 2014.

We have compiled a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to cover most topics, but if you have additional questions, feel free to contact any of our Heritage Bank locations at your convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our MasterCard conversion:

When will I get my new Heritage Bank MasterCard Debit Card? Cards are being mailed Tuesday, July 2, 2014.  You should receive your new card shortly after that, but well in advance of the July 21, 2014 “live” date.
When should I cut up my current Heritage Bank VISA Debit Card? You can cut up your Heritage Bank VISA debit card any time on or after July 21, 2014.  Then you should start using your new Heritage Bank MC debit card on July 21, 2014.
How do I activate my new debit card? There will be a sticker on the front of your new debit card that will give you the phone number to call to activate your new MC debit card.  You can activate your new debit card as soon as you receive it in the mail.  But, remember- you can’t use your new card until Monday, July 21, 2014.
Why are you making this change? We found a card processor that will give you, our cardholders, better options, such as an easier way to choose or change your PIN.  And, in the near future, you’ll have some options for managing your new debit card online, just like you do now with your other Heritage Bank accounts.
Will I have to pay to change or pick my own PIN? No, this is one of the great benefits with our new card program.  You can now change your PIN anytime you want, 24/7 at no charge!
Will my debit card number change? Yes, because we will be switching to MasterCard, all of our debit card customers will be getting a new debit card and a new card number.
What if I have automatic payments set up on my card? If you have automatic payments set up with your VISA debit card, you will need to contact those merchants and make sure they have your new card number and expiration date so that your payments that are due after July 21, 2014 will be paid using your new debit card information.
Will I still be able to use all the same ATMs? Yes, your new Heritage Bank debit card will work at any ATM with the MasterCard logo. But, we are no longer part of the Shazam Network.  So, to avoid paying a surcharge on your ATM transaction, you can use the Heritage Bank ATMs or an ATM at one of the local Casey’s stores.  But, if you have an eCentive account, you don’t have to go looking for a surcharge-free ATM- we will refund your ATM fees when you meet the qualifications each month!
I just got a new debit card earlier this year because of the Target breach.  Will I be getting a new card? Yes, we wanted you to have a new card because your card number was compromised during the Target breach.  But, now we have decided to go with a new debit card processor, so you will be getting a new MC debit card in early July 2014.
I’m going to be on vacation (or out of the country) for the whole month of July.  Can I start using my new MC debit card when I get back in August? You will be able to use your current VISA debit card right up until July 21, 2014.  Then, after that, if you don’t have your new MC debit card with you, you should make sure you have some other form of payment with you as your VISA debit card will stop working on July 21, 2014.
I heard MasterCard can’t be used everywhere VISA can.  Is that True? Not true!  The only time that we’ve found that you might have a problem is if you go to the Olympics.  You probably won’t be able to use your new MasterCard Debit Card because VISA is an official sponsor of the Olympics.
What do I need to do once I get my new MC debit card/s? You will need to activate your new MC debit card by calling the 800# on the sticker on the front of your new debit card.  While you’re doing that, please make sure and select a PIN so you can get cash at the ATMs and get cash back at merchants!  Plus, if you have any automatic payments set up with your current VISA debit card, you’ll want to get those switched over to your new card.  But, don’t cut up your VISA debit card until July 21, 2014!
My husband/wife and I currently have two separate cards but the same card number.  Will we still be able to share card numbers? No, you will each get your own card number.  We do this so that if one of your cards is lost or stolen, the other card will continue to work.
I got my new card in the mail, activated it like the instructions said. I cut up my VISA debit card, but now my new MC debit card doesn’t work.  Help! Unfortunately, your new card won’t work until Monday, July 21, 2014, and I won’t be able to order a replacement for your VISA debit card. So, until then, you’ll have to use cash or checks to make your purchases. If you need some counter checks, I can make some for you.
What do I do if I forget my new PIN number? We’ll have a special 800# on our web site that you can call 24/7 so you can choose a different/new PIN. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call a CSR at one of our locations during our normal business hours and they’ll give you the phone number to call.
What happens if I lose my debit card? If someone else in your household has a Heritage Bank debit card, you can call the phone number on the back of their card to report your card as lost (or stolen).  Or, you can look up the number to call from our website, or call the bank and talk to a CSR.  If it’s after hours, and you can’t reach a CSR, simply call 1-800-472-3272 and follow the menu.
Will I still get a phone call if someone tries to use my debit card without my authorization? Generally, yes.  Please make sure and always get us your current phone number and address.  Then, if the Fraud Department detects suspicious transactions, they will be able to reach you to talk to you about them.  If this happens, it will be an automated system that calls you.  But, this automated system will NEVER ask you to enter your full card number or non-public information.  If you get a phone call and you’re not sure it’s our Fraud Department calling, you can call the bank to find out.
What if there is fraud on my new card? If you notice unauthorized transactions on your account, you should always contact a Heritage Bank CSR.  They’ll be able to help you get it resolved.  Plus, if it’s a fraudulent debit card transaction, because the MasterCard symbol is on your new card, you’ll still have zero liability for those fraudulent transactions, as long as you report them to us right away.
What if I don’t like the new PIN I just chose? You have two options for changing your PIN- you can go to any of our ATMs, enter your card and your current PIN and then choose a new one.  Or, you can call the special 800#, found on our website, and choose a new PIN, anytime day or night.
I’ve got multiple Heritage Bank debit cards.  How will I know which card replaces each one? Your new card will contain some of the exact same numbers as your current VISA card.  If you can’t figure out which one goes with which account, just call a CSR for help.
Is it still going to be easy to make online purchases with my new Heritage Bank MasterCard debit card? Yes!  We currently participate in the Verified by Visa program.  With our new MasterCard program, we will participate in the MasterCard Secure Card program.  When you are making an online purchase  with a merchant who also participates in this program, you will be prompted to register the first time.  Then, after that, simply put in the requested information for a secure purchase.
I didn’t get a PIN in the mail.  I always used to get a PIN a couple days after my card arrived.  Should I cancel my card and get a new one? No, you won’t need to cancel your card.  One of the great benefits of this new card is that you’ll always be able to choose your own PIN, one that’s easy for you to remember.  So, call the toll-free activation/PIN number today and choose a PIN that works for you!
Is everyone getting a new card, or just some people? Heritage Bank is moving to a completely different card program, one that will give our customers some additional benefits, today and in the future.  So, all of our debit card customers are getting new cards.
I like my Packers/current card.  Do I have to change? Yes, you do.  But, we’ve chosen a really nice looking card color for your new card.
Are my purchase limits changing? Nope.  The limit you had with your VISA debit card will be the same for your new MC debit card.  If you don’t know what your limit is, or you want to change it, please contact a CSR.
Will I be getting a new Elan credit card, too? No, your Heritage Bank/Elan credit card will not be affected by this change.  This is only for your Heritage Bank Debit Card.
I activated my new MC debit card, chose a PIN but it doesn’t work.  Why doesn’t my new card work? It’s really good that you’ve activated your new card and chosen a PIN!  But, you won’t be able to use your new card until Monday, July 21st.  So, keep it someplace safe for just a little bit longer and use your VISA debit card until then.
Will I have to stop in and get my picture taken again? Nope.  We’ll be able to use the photo we already have on file for you.
MasterCard isn’t accepted everywhere VISA is.  Now I won’t be able to use my debit card at the same places. Not true! MasterCard is accepted in 210 countries and territories at over 28 million merchants and VISA is accepted in 170 countries by over 30 million merchants.

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