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Introducing GROW and Intentional Growth

Introducing GROW and Intentional Growth

Heritage Bank has started offering a Customer Education Series called GROW.  The series will cover a variety of topics that are aligned with our purpose, to help people succeed financially.

With the GROW series, we intend to provide something that is truly unique among financial institutions, reinforcing our reputation as trusted advisors for our customers.

We are happy to announce the first program in our GROW series is a seminar for business owners entitled Intentional GrowthTM . This program offers a process to help business owners clarify what they want their business to achieve and how to expand the value of the business as they grow.

The full Intentional Growth program begins in September, allowing individuals to work through the entire process over the course of 4 weeks, with online materials, videos, and weekly meetings in a small group setting. The intended audience is business owners and decision makers, as well as future business owners (both inspiring entrepreneurs and those inheriting a family business).  The program will be presented by Ryan Tansom and Pat Hobby, co-founders of Arkona and developers of the Intentional Growth curriculum.

Over time, we intend to add classes and seminars to the GROW series to provide a wide variety of top-quality educational resources with a common focus on helping people succeed financially.​​​​​​​

To learn more about Intentional Growth CLICK HERE!


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