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What is a Kickshaw?

We were invited to take part in the Taste of WorkUP event with one hitch… we needed to provide a great bite of food to all who attended!

Our team of bankers put their heads together and came up with something special… in addition to a terrific beef patty served on a specialty bun, the bacon jam and secret sauce rocket this burger to the next level!

As soon as the last ingredient was decided on, we knew the truth… we got BANK with this burger!  Everyone was going to love it!

And so it was born… We Got B.A.N.K. (Burgers Above the Normal Kickshaws)
A kickshaw? What, you may ask, is a kickshaw?




1. a tidbit or delicacy, especially one served as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.

Just like our delicious B.A.N.K. burgers, we expect our Relationship Managers to rise above your expectations as well!

In our unique Team of 3 approach, our Relationship Managers along with a Portfolio Manager and Business Associate will help you find the answers you need.  Whether you are looking for a business loan to get started, capital to take it to the next level, or a better cash management plan, your Team of 3 is a great resource for financial questions!  As a leader in banking technology, we offer products and services that lift your banking to the next level so that your financial goals reach above the normal kickshaws!