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What is a Kickshaw?


We were invited back to defend our title at the Taste of WorkUP event this year. Having been crowned the champions for 2 years running, we couldn’t bear to miss it this year!

Our team of bankers put their heads together again and came up with this year’s winner!  Everyone will want to get their paws on the recipe for our secret sauce, but what really claws this burger to the next level is our tasty bear meat patty served on a pretzel bun.

Each year we are challenged to provide a great bite of food for all the attendees, and the truth is, we got BANK with this burger! Everyone is going to love it!

And so it was born… We Got B.A.N.K. 2.0 (Burgers Above the Normal Kickshaws 2.0)
A kickshaw? What, you may ask, is a kickshaw?




1. a tidbit or delicacy, especially one served as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.

Just like our delicious B.A.N.K. burgers, we expect our Relationship Managers to rise above your expectations as well!

In our unique Team of 3 approach, our Relationship Managers along with a Portfolio Manager and Business Associate will help you find the answers you need.  Whether you are looking for a business loan to get started, capital to take it to the next level, or a better cash management plan, your Team of 3 is a great resource for financial questions!  As a leader in banking technology, we offer products and services that lift your banking to the next level so that your financial goals reach above the normal kickshaws!


Taste of WorkUp 2017

Pictured: Sean Fogarty, Travis Jones, Dean Steinwand,
Blake Hagen, & Chris Vraa

2016Taste of WorkUp 2016

Pictured: Dean Steinwand, Dan Anderson,
Jim Tetzloff (Pioneer Heritage Insurance)