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Sean Fogarty named as Internal Audit Director

Internal Audit more valuable than ever to manage the ever-challenging regulatory requirements

Business growth has spurred Heritage Bank to hire an Internal Audit Officer to lead the department of auditors.  Sean Fogarty has over 15 years of experience in compliance management and accounting, in addition to careers in sales management and business development.

As the Internal Audit Officer, Fogarty manages a team of auditors including Becky Tompt, Lois Todd and Lori Tostenson.  The Audit Department, under the direction of Fogarty, is in charge of the ongoing monitoring of the bank’s operations to ensure its compliance with industry guidelines and adherence to measures that deter fraud. “Mr. Fogarty has a wide range of experience, and with that his record shows high ethical standards with an appropriate amount of professional skepticism,” Heritage Bank CEO Tom Geiger said. “We are glad to have Sean on the team!”

Heritage Bank has $400 million in assets at 12 offices and is committed to expand its presence in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota. “Our objective is to continue the growth and development but with that, the governance on a bank increases exponentially,” Geiger said. “A strong internal audit team can improve upon the effectiveness of our operations as we continue to grow.”

Mr. Fogarty has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.  Fogarty and his wife, Holly, live near Sauk Centre.  There they enjoy spending time with their children.  Sean is a weekend farmer and a dedicated volunteer at church.

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