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Savings Accounts

By providing multiple savings accounts, you can be assured that we have one that suits your plan for saving money. 

Min. Deposit Interest Payment Debit Card Daily Balance Required Interest Rate
Universal Savings $50 Quarterly Available $50 average to avoid $5 monthy charge Check Today’s Rates
Flex Gold Savings $1,000 Monthly Available $1000 to avoid $17 monthly service charge Check Today’s Rates
Heritage Direct Savings $1,000 Monthly N/A $1000 to avoid $17 monthly service charge Check Today’s Rates
Jumbo Deposit Account $10,000 Monthly N/A Daily Balance reflects the Interest Rate you’ll receive Check Today’s Rates
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) $50-Wavied if regular ACH deposits are established Monthly Available N/A Check Today’s Rate


  • 24 hour online & mobile banking access
  • Free eStatements available on all savings accounts with a valid email address
  • Universal Savings, Flex Gold Savings, Heritage Direct Savings, & Health Savings Accounts: 6 free withdrawals allow per month, $3 per each additional
  • Jumbo Deposit Account: 6 free withdrawals allow per month, $30 service charge if exceeded
  • $30 if account is closed within first 6 months
  • Paper statement fees may  apply
    • Heritage Direct Savings & Health Savings Accounts: $5 per month
    • Jumbo Deposit Account: $15 per month
  • Variable Interest rates may change daily; Interest calculation is based on daily (collected) available balances and is compounded monthly except Universal Savings, which is compounded quarterly.