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Salon suites with unique debuts near Empire Mall

A former restaurant franchise has a new venture — and a new business model approach — offering salon suites.

Sept. 10, 2021

It might seem odd to transition from the restaurant franchising business to the salon business, but to Justin Laird, it made perfect sense.

Rouge Salon Suites, founded by Laird, opened earlier this summer and offers “a completely different approach” to the salon suites concept, Laird said. After franchising Popeyes regionally, Laird said he wanted to continue his career as an entrepreneur and decided to try something new.

“The salon suites business is booming right now,” Laird said. “I knew it was something that Sioux Falls wanted to see more of.”

One of the unique things about Rouge is its lease concept, Laird said. While stylists begin by leasing their space, they’ll eventually own the suite they’re in. Even if they move on from the space itself, they’ll still own the real estate and be able to profit from it, he said.

“This is something that is not common in the salon suites world, and I knew it was something that tenants would want,” Laird said. “We’re helping them not only with their craft through the community they’ll have here, but with their business skills, which I think is really important.”

And community is a central concept to Rouge, Laird said. The suites, which sit on more than 9,000 square feet of space near The Empire Mall, will aim to create a space where stylists can learn from each other, so it’s ideal for those who’d like to hone their craft, he said.

Additional services include helping the small-business owners with marketing and connecting them with professional services as needed, such as banking and accounting.

“I’m planning on hosting events for the stylists regularly, so they can get to know each other, maybe discuss ways to work together,” Laird said.

There are 26 suites at Rouge, 3600 W. 43rd St., with some remaining available.

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