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Safeguard against debit card fraud with user controls

Safeguard against debit card fraud with user controls

Free mobile app puts you in control to define when, where and how your debit card is used 

Data breaches have become more commonplace, compromising millions of cards and changing attitudes about security in the payment system.  There is not much a consumer can do to prevent cards from being compromised.

CardValetTM is a new debit card management and fraud mitigation tool for debit cardholders.  With this free app, cardholders have the ability to actively manage their debit card usage – setting parameters for when, where and how a debit card is used.

“This is a completely new approach to debit card management and a powerful tool,” Heritage Bank CEO Tom Geiger says.  “I can turn ‘off’ my debit card from my smartphone, and then turn it back ‘on’ when I want to use it.”

The On/Off feature is only one of the safeguards available with CardValet.  Using the GPS system in your smart phone, geographic use restrictions can be established with your debit card.  Other controls can restrict usage by merchant and spending limit right from your smartphone. Realtime alerts create another layer of fraud protection by bringing it to your immediate attention that a transaction was attempted and/or declined.

Mitigating debit card fraud is a partnership between consumers and banks, and with CardValet, Heritage Bank debit cardholders have a way to actively monitor and control their debit card usage. CardValet is a free mobile app, however, it can only be used with debit cards from participating financial institutions. “Heritage Bank is proud to be one of the first banks in our region to participate,” Geiger said. “We were quick to recognize how CardValet could empower our customers and provide a peace of mind.”

CardValet is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store and can be used with business and consumer debit card accounts at Heritage Bank.

3 Comments on "Safeguard against debit card fraud with user controls"

  • Dick Nichols says

    To Whom It may concern,
    The card valet is a great tool as it is explained. Unfortunately your company has left many of us unable to use your mobile applications by not including Window phones. It appears that only apple and android users are able to make use of your mobile banking systems. How unfortunate for me, a window phone user. By the way how many of your computers work off of a Windows system?

    • Heritage Bank says

      Thank you for voicing your concerns. We appreciate when our customers reach out to us on products or services with questions and feedback.
      At this time, mobile banking applications including CardValet, are only available with iPhones and Android-operated systems. That was a common limitation we found when searching for mobile banking service providers, as we were told these are the two most “common” operating systems. We understand how frustrating that can be for customers who have phones with different operating systems!
      However, we do have a mobile website that may work with your Windows phone. When you activate and request the Mobile Web Service through Heritage Bank’s secure online banking, you’ll receive a text message containing a link to access Heritage Bank’s Mobile Banking from your device. When you click that link on your device, your phone’s browser will take you to the sign in page for Mobile Banking. If you need to request that link again in the future, you would simply sign in to Online Banking, click “Options” and “Mobile Banking.” From here you’ll be able to request a text message containing the link.
      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

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