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Positive Pay


Positive Pay is a check- and ACH-verification system that can help you minimize business payment fraud by electronically verifying each issued check and each electronic transaction.

Business check fraud can include such things as lost or stolen checks as well as counterfeit checks (including paychecks) or someone changing the amount of the check. Businesses have a growing challenge to monitor transactions and protect themselves against fraud.  Positive Pay is a powerful tool that can save a company monitoring costs and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in check and ACH fraud losses.


With Positive Pay, you upload the details of the checks issued each day from your business checking account to myHeritage Bank’s Digital Banking system, enabling us to know which checks to pay and which may be fraudulent.  Positive Pay then provides a daily report so you will know when information doesn’t match what you’ve submitted.

  • Check Positive Pay – ensure Heritage Bank pays to the specifications as listed in your check register (amount, payee, check number, etc.)
  • ACH Positive Pay – prevent unauthorized electronic debits and credits from posting to your account by controlling who you will accept ACH transactions from and transaction type.  You can even block all electronic transactions or all transactions over a certain dollar amount.  When alerted that an electronic transaction (ACH) wasn’t preauthorized, you can either approve or reject the transaction.
  • Reverse Positive Pay – use this powerful tool to reconcile your electronic check ledger by simply uploading the transactions that have been paid from your account. This can eliminate the errors and wasted time of manual transactions.
  • Save money, time and resources by automating some of your manual fraud prevention measures
  • Review, approve or decline transactions on a secure web format – you can access transactions online or from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by increasing accuracy in your business payments.

Gain greater control over your cash flow with Heritage Bank and Positive Pay on your team!