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New Debit Card Fraud Alert Service

New Debit Card Fraud Alert Service

Heritage Bank is committed to continually providing you with the most advanced fraud protection available. As part of that commitment, we are pleased to introduce text-based debit card fraud alerts.

Although we already offer this service by phone, this new service improvement allows us to contact you first via text when we identify a potentially fraudulent debit card transaction. After receiving an alert, simply reply to the text message to confirm that the transaction was authorized by you or is fraudulent.

Messages will come from the number 207-33. This is a valid number for alert messages sent from Heritage Bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fraud Alerts

How can I be sure the text message is from Heritage?

  • Our debit card fraud alert system uses the mobile number 207-33. If the message doesn’t appear to be sent from that mobile number, do not respond.
  • Remember that Heritage Bank will never ask you to provide sensitive information like a password or PIN through a text message.

What if I don’t see the text message?

  • If you do not respond to the text message within 15 minutes after it is sent, our fraud monitoring team will call you on the phone number that you have on your Heritage Bank debit card account.

What if Heritage Bank does not have my cell phone number?

  • We will call the phone number that is on file with your debit account at Heritage Bank. If your number has changed, or you would like to add a cell phone number to your account, please let us know at your convenience!

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