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Hybrid ATMs allow Heritage to stretch traditional ‘banker’s hours’

Hybrid ATMs allow Heritage to stretch traditional ‘banker’s hours’

With the help of technology, our new Hybrid ATM helps us provide additional banking conveniences to the communities we serve. 

Heritage Bank has listened to the requests of our customers and, with advances in technology, the employee-owners are proud to announce our extended customer service hours at the new Hybrid ATM.

Employee-owners of Heritage Bank, community members and business people were among the guests in attendance at our ATM Grand Opening events in Willmar, Pennock, Spicer, and Sioux City.  “We are continually looking to improve products and services we offer and this technology provided an avenue to do just that,” Kelly Pickle, Deposit Services Senior Vice President said. “Through our Hybrid ATMs, our professional bank staff is available to you for longer hours.”

The business of banking is constantly changing, which inspires Heritage to find non-traditional solutions to consumer needs. “Consumers are certainly more mobile than ever before,” Tom Geiger, CEO of Heritage Bank, said. “Family and work schedules don’t fit a traditional mold, so neither can our approach to banking products and services.”

While the Hybrid ATM can be used for typical transactions 24 hours a day, live video interaction with our customer service team is available at the touch of a button for cashing checks, depositing cash and/or checks, getting cash and more.  The extended customer service hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m.-noon. (Hybrid ATMs will follow the same holiday schedule as the bank locations). For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Heritage Bank has $650 million in assets under management with operations in Minnesota, northwestern Iowa and a growing presence in eastern South Dakota and takes pride in being a progressive community bank.  “Heritage Bank has always been committed to being your professional financial partner,” Geiger said.  “I believe our friends in the communities we serve will enjoy the additional services available with the Hybrid ATM technology.”

205 Comments on "Hybrid ATMs allow Heritage to stretch traditional ‘banker’s hours’"

  • Dennis Schaefbauer says

    Could you please return the default cash denomination back to the $20 bill when using the ATM? My wife and I have not been able to use the current $50 bills at many businesses because they cannot give change back. The $20 bills were much more convenient and from talking to various employees at your bank, they have been hearing the same comments from many of your customers. Currently, the only way to get $20 bills is to use the teller assist option which adds another step and more time to the process. In addition, the teller assist option is not available 24 hours a day. I believe that people who want a denomination other than the more popular $20 option should be the ones asked to use the teller assist option. Thank you.

    • Heritage Bank says

      Thank you for your comment regarding $50 bills at our Hybrid ATMs. We appreciate the feedback we receive and want you to know that we are working with the service provider to make this change so our ATM customers receive more $20s than $50s. We appreciate your patience!

  • Casey Warner says

    After hearing about and using this new Hybrid ATM, I was extremely pleased in how simple and convenient it was to use! It’s great to see Heritage Bank take the extra step by taking advantage of the technology resources that are available.
    The one request that I have, as well as several other customers that I have spoken to, would be adding the “Apple Pay” and/or “Google Wallet” services to your debit cards. I know “Apple Pay” is available as an option with your credit cards, but it would be even better yet to add the option to your debit cards, as in my opinion are used much more often.
    Thank you for your consideration!

    • Heritage Bank says

      Thank you for the rave review of our Hybrid ATM! We are happy to hear you found it simple to use!
      On the topic of mobile wallet technology, we are not quite ready to pull the lever. Our team is tracking customer requests, so if you know of others who are interested, ask them to let us know! We are also closely monitoring the ever-changing options and costs involved with providing each of the mobile wallet services. As the industry develops, and interest with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay and others, ebbs and flows, we are trying to use our best judgement to invest our time and dollars wisely.
      We do appreciate the feedback and are continually working toward enhancing your customer experience.

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