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Heritage Direct Savings – Linked Checking Accounts

To open a Heritage Direct Savings account, you need to have a checking account. This account can be at any financial institution chartered in the U.S., including Heritage Bank. Your checking account cannot be a money market account, even if you have check writing privileges with your account.

We will “link” your Heritage Direct Savings Account to your checking account (what we call your “linked checking account”). This makes it easy for you to transfer money between the two accounts online, anytime you want. Your transfers are made using the Automated Clearing House (also called “ACH”… it’s the same system used for payroll direct deposit). The funds move automatically from one account to the other, generally within three business days. If you need to make changes to your linked account you can submit a secure change request form through Digital Banking.

You can find your routing number and account number at the bottom of your check.