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Gift Cards

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays…

The perfect gift for any occasion. Get a Visa® Gift Card from Heritage Bank.

Not only do they make great gifts, but Visa® Gift Cards are perfect for online purchases and to use as spending money while traveling.

  • Available in any amount between $5.00 and $750.00
  • Gift cards can be used in any store or online where Visa is accepted
  • These cards can be used internationally, where accepted
    A PIN is used with some international transactions. Contact 1-800-721-3978 to set up a PIN.
  • Good for purchases only (no cash withdrawals)
  • Gift cards are not reloadable
  • To verify the balance or register your Visa Gift Card, call the toll free number listed on the back of the card (1-800-721-3978) or visit http://www.atiragift.com/

Fee Schedule

  • Each card costs $4.95
  • A monthly maintenance fee of $2.50 will be applied following 12 consecutive months of card inactivity
  • A $5.00 fee will be charged to replace a card for any reason

Contact a convenient Heritage Bank to find out more!