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ePay gets a facelift!

ePay gets a facelift!

As of Sunday, Oct. 25, you should notice upgrades to ePay online bill pay.

While all the basic functionality will remain, a few things are changing and some new security features will be added.

Easier Navigation: Each payee you have entered will be displayed on a feature ribbon for easier access.  Instead of clicking through “Manage My Bills,” you will be able to select to edit each payee’s information.

Identifying Payees: Each merchant payee may have a logo displayed next to the merchant name.  This will vary by merchant.

Viewing Account History: The “Activity” tab replaces the “Bill History” tab and will include billing history as well as bill reminders, auto pay, and eBills.

Sharing Payables: A new feature called “Split an Expense” will let you divide an expense between various payers by requesting money from the other payers via Popmoney.

Upgraded Security:  When a new payee is added to your account, you may be asked to take additional security steps such as checking a box that says “I’m not a robot” followed by verification with security questions.

The ePay upgrade will require that some browsers be upgraded.  Please consider upgrading to a newer version if you operate on the following:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Android 4
  • Chrome 35
  • Firefox 34
  • Safari 5

Not sure if that affects you?  If you aren’t sure which browser you use or what version it might be, watch for an error message that will be displayed when you attempt to log in to ePay, prompting you to upgrade your browser.

By clicking on the Help Center tab within ePay online bill pay, you can find additional information and answers to other questions you may have about ePay online bill pay.  You can also contact a Customer Service Representative at Heritage Bank at your convenience.

Keeping your banking connected with the most current technology is our way of helping you achieve your financial goals.

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2 Comments on "ePay gets a facelift!"

  • Sally Radke says

    Love epay

    • Heritage Bank says

      It’s amazing how easy it makes to pay bills! Glad you like it!

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