Real Estate Loans

Heritage Bank uses a variety of loans such as Farmer Mac, FSA Farm Ownership, and conventional loans to provide the maximum benefit to the ag borrower.

Farmer Mac Benefits

  • Available to small and/or part-time farmers (where off farm income is a major factor)
  • Also available to large full farm operations
  • Larger acreage properties for both residential and agricultural purposes
  • Long term financing of ag real estate
  • Fixed interest for 5 or 25 years
  • Amortization of 15 or 25 years

In addition to a Farmer Mac loan our FSA preferred lender status allows fast approval for a Farm Ownership loan. Funds from a Farm Ownership loan cover:

  • Farmland purchases
  • Buildings following construction or remodeling
  • Development of farmland to promote soil and water conservation
  • Refinance of existing debt